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Welcome to Mega Player 1.0

Mega Player 1.0 is a program that will make your life easier. Have you ever wanted to see all images in a folder with just one click of the mouse or play your favorite songs each time you start the computer? Then Mega Player is the program for you. It is a player for multimedia files including wav (even compressed with mp3), mid, avi, bmp, jpg and mov files and you can even play cds. You can put these files in a list and arrange them any way you like. Then you can have your list played automatically (for example each time your start your Windows session). You combine sound with image and even with motion because you can include in your play list sound files (like wav, mid, mp3, cda), images (bmp and jpg) and videos (avi and mov). You also have a set of special features like random play, continuous play, pause after each file or after a particular file, volume control, command line parameter control and many more. Please read the documentation to discover all these wonderful features of Mega Player.

This is a shareware a program so you can run this program only 30 times. After the program will stop working unless you register. Registering is easy and costs only U.S. $10. For additional information see the Registration chapter in documentation or send an email at

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